Teachers’ Workshops

Pillar 2 of Lead Guitar’s model is to provide K-12 teachers formal Professional Development towards promotion and recertification as they master the Lead Guitar method books and improve their own playing.
Our Teachers’ Workshops are a great forum for sharpening the pedagogical toolkit, but also for camaraderie. Since Lead Guitar partners with both certified music teachers as well as classroom teachers with an interest in music, we leave ample time to divide into smaller groups by grade-level taught, by ability-level of the teacher’s playing, and by pedagogical topics and interests as well.
In June, we host a national webinar that welcomes brand new partner teachers on a journey through what to expect in a first year of partnership. It also invites current teachers to update them on changes to the Method Books that will be implemented the next fall. In addition to break-out groups like those mentioned above, we offer 1:1 consultations with our Teaching Artists to address individualized concerns and for focused work on a Teacher’s personal playing ability.
Lead Guitar also hosts a live Mid-Year Teachers’ Workshop in each region. This workshop focuses much more on teachers’ playing through multi-part ensemble arrangements, not only for the ability to talk through what challenges and opportunities each piece presents, but to re-discover the joy of music-making and create community among partner teachers.