Showcase Concerts

Celebrating Achievement

Pillar 4 of Lead Guitar’s model is to partner with local college campuses nationwide to provide a venue where Lead Guitar middle and high school students can perform and be celebrated in front of family and friends during the spring Showcase Concert.

Envisioning Success

A capstone experience like our Showcase Concert provides students in a Lead Guitar ensemble class the opportunity to realize learning objectives, such as following a conductor, exhibiting poise and self-confidence, and apply teamwork skills to execute a challenging performance. It also helps students imagine themselves on a local college campus that feels welcoming and inclusive, especially for those students who may be the first in their family to pursue a trade or a degree.

A Community Experience

For elementary school students in Lead Guitar, our Teaching Artists work with school staff to provide an in-school showcase and celebration to mark the end of the year. We leave each school to decide what setting is most appropriate, and encourage the mingling of performance, food, and bonding for the broader school community.