In-School Assemblies

Pillar 3 of Lead Guitar’s Four Pillars of Service is to inspire students through up-close connections to global artists right in their own schools.

We believe, and have seen, that children recognize excellence and beauty when they hear it. A guest artist visit right at their school shows them their music-learning is seen and valued, not only by the adults they see every day, but by inspiring mentors as well.
We’re proud to connect students to artists that are truly passionate about education and believe that music is an important gateway to self-actualization for every young learner, regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or cultural background.

We are proud to partner with the Guitar Foundation of America and many guitar societies across the country to contract touring artists as they perform concerts near our partner schools.
Lead Guitar would like to thank all of the guest artists over the years for your engagement with young Lead Guitar students and your passion for outreach.

For a full list of Guest Artists who have performed In-School Assemblies or for our We Are Guitar YouTube broadcast, visit our Guest Artists page.