We Are Guitar: Student Submissions

Students, are you ready to LEARN and RECORD?

Step 1 (of 2): Play-Along

Use the videos and scores below to learn one part of the arrangement. Students, please pick a part that corresponds to a level you have already covered in the Lead Guitar Method Books. Once you are able to play your part in time with the play-along video, continue to Step 2!


Click below to download a PDF of the musical scores for learning "A la Nanita Nana."

Upload your part by Thursday, April 16th, 2024!

Play-Along Videos

Check out these Play-Along videos and prepare your part on “A la Nanita Nana”:

Step 2: Recording and Uploading Your Part

When you’re ready to record, follow these instructions with our pro tips to ensure your video submission will sound great and sync up with the ensemble!

1. Gather your equipment.

You will need headphones, a phone or a computer with a camera, and a second device to play the rehearsal video. Oh, and don’t forget your guitar!

2. Minimize background noise.

Set up in a quiet room and ask others in your home to avoid making sounds while you record. (Turning off loud fans and AC can help quiet things down!)

3. Set up the camera.

Set up the camera. Make sure you are well lit with a simple background, and do a few test recordings to check the quality of your audio and video. Please film in landscape mode.

4. Put on your headphones.

Plug them into a second device that you are not recording with and load the YouTube rehearsal video for the part that you practiced along with. This will allow you to play along with the rehearsal video while recording without the sound being heard on your video submission. You must play along with the rehearsal video for your part when recording, so you stay in tempo with all of the other submissions.

5. Check your tuning!

If you don’t have an electronic tuner, there are several free apps for your phone. GuitarTuna and Pano Tuner work well.

6. Press record.

Start recording first and then start the play-along rehearsal track in your headphones. Doing it in this order will allow you to focus on the count in. We will edit all of the video submissions, so you don’t have to worry about playing as soon as you start recording yourself.

8. Listen to your recording.

Make sure you sound your best and that you stayed in time with the rehearsal video.

9. Name your video file with your part.

For example: “SongName_Level2.mov.” This helps us sort your submissions!

10. Submit your video files through the form below.

Submit your video files through the form below.
After you fill in all of your info in the form, click Submit. On the next screen click Upload Video.
Next, Lead Guitar's file storage DropBox will appear, where you can drag or choose your file to upload.
Please don’t navigate away from the page until you get a SUCCESS message after you click submit (an image of a runner crossing a finish line). You may have to wait several minutes.
You will also receive a confirmation email from DropBox when your file has been successfully uploaded. The subject line says, "Your files were uploaded to "We Are Guitar."
If you don’t receive that DropBox email confirmation, check your Spam folder in your email, then reach out to Andrew at andrew@leadguitar.org to confirm whether your video was successfully received.
Click the Submit button below and then follow the instructions that will appear next so you can upload your video.
Okay, just one more step!
Click on the link below  to upload your video.
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