Student Spotlight
Pablo Quiñonez Paz
Pablo Quiñonez Paz graduated from Amphitheater High School in Tucson, AZ. Throughout that time Pablo was enrolled in Lead Guitar classes. Now he is attending the University of Arizona studying Music Education.
Where are you from?

Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico

Moved to Tucson in 2015, beginning of High School. I attended a bilingual school in Hermosillo which helped my transitioning.

How did you get started with Lead Guitar?

Beginning Guitar in my freshman year of High School.

Any musicians in the family?

My Grandmother (Dad’s side) was a soprano in a church choir, she played piano as well, almost every aunt/uncle knows an instrument, and some of my cousins as well. My dad and brother taught me a lot about music and guitar ever since I was a child.

What music did/your family listen to?

My Dad always taught me and my siblings to learn how to listen to every type of music.

What was your experience with Lead Guitar?

I always loved music, but lead guitar helped me get in the world of creating music and I fell in love with it even more

Any expectations you had while doing Lead Guitar?

In the beginning, I was expecting to learn some chords and some rock songs, I had no clue that it was going to be a classical guitar. Then I heard Steve come to class and play for the class and from there I fell in love with the guitar. I also expected to learn guitar very quickly but the more I played and learned the harder it would get. In a way, it helped me understand the effort that many musicians have had to make to be as good as they are.

Any memorable events with Lead Guitar?

Every solo I had for my final concerts and the two showcase concerts for the U of A were memorable events.

A memorable lesson I had was with Steve when I played a solo piece called Spanish Ballad. He helped me expressed what I really wanted to show and make the piece my own. He had me describe what I see when I play this piece then he had me play with different dynamics and colors.

What are your current goals?

My current goals are to work so I can pay for my education and save enough money to buy myself many instruments and I can make music for myself.

Create a music school either here in the States or back in Mexico that will help give the same impact that I received from my music teachers during High school. They taught me that music is more than just playing it is communication and language. I would want my students to learn that as well.

Do you still play/study guitar?

Although I need to work very hard to keep up with my college expenses, I still try to play guitar when I can and keep trying to get better.

Who are your favorite musicians/guitarists?

My favorite Musicians are Ms. Yount, and Mr. Granillo from Amphi High school because they taught me that music is much more than just notes. My favorite guitarists are David Gilmour, Steve Lerman, my brother, and my Dad.

How has Music/Lead Guitar helped you?

I have always loved arts in general because one can communicate a lot with a painting, a picture, or even a song. I have always loved music and it has been a very big part of my life. Lead Guitar opened new doors for me and because of it, I have decided that I want to use music as a way to create a better and brighter impact on whoever wants to listen to what I have to say.