Lead Guitar Carlos Bonell

Support Lead Guitar

Please email us if you would like to assist with any of the following,

or if you have another idea for how you can help:

We would love your help!

Typically needed


July and August

  • Build footstools out of 2 x 4s

  • Donate printed copies of our Method Book to schools




  • Donate a new or lightly used classical guitar (nylon-string only!)

  • Connect us with refreshments donations from local businesses for Showcase Concerts and our annual Teacher's Workshop

  • Start a matching gift program at your place of employment

  • Suggest other funding sources or opportunities

  • Suggest new schools and new regions

Typically needed


April and May

  • Volunteer at our Lead Guitar Showcase Concert in Spring at:

    • Tucson -- University of Arizona's Fred Fox School of Music​

    • Phoenix -- TBA​

    • Chicago -- Logan Center for the Arts

    • Enid, OK -- Emerson Middle School

    • Aspen Music Festival and School's Harris Hall

  • Volunteer for our Lead Guitar Teacher's Workshop in Spring at:​

    • Tucson/Phoenix -- UA's Fred Fox School of Music​

    • Chicago -- Offered throughout the year