Support Lead Guitar

Please email us if you would like to assist with any of the following,

or if you have another idea for how you can help:

We would love your help!

Typically needed


July and August

  • Build footstools out of 2 x 4s

  • Donate printed copies of our Method Book to schools




  • Donate a new or lightly used classical guitar (nylon-string only!)

  • Connect us with refreshments donations from local businesses for Showcase Concerts and our annual Teacher's Workshop

  • Start a matching gift program at your place of employment

  • Suggest other funding sources or opportunities

  • Suggest new schools and new regions

Typically needed


April and May

  • Volunteer at our Lead Guitar Showcase Concert in Spring at:

    • Tucson -- University of Arizona's Fred Fox School of Music​

    • Phoenix -- TBA​

    • Chicago -- Logan Center for the Arts

    • Enid, OK -- Emerson Middle School

    • Aspen Music Festival and School's Harris Hall

  • Volunteer for our Lead Guitar Teacher's Workshop in Spring at:​

    • Tucson/Phoenix -- UA's Fred Fox School of Music​

    • Chicago -- Offered throughout the year


(520) 626-6904

info at

Physical Address:

1531 N Magnolia Ave

Tucson, AZ 85712


Remittance/Mailing Address:

2100 E Speedway Blvd, #40206

Tucson, AZ 85719


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