Lead Guitar Final concert

Instructional Videos

The instructional videos here correlate directly with repertoire, techniques, and musical concepts outlined in the Lead Guitar Method Book I.


While they remain informative videos, they are currently being re-recorded for incorporation onto our Teachable platform.

We hope they are a helpful resource for students as they begin instruction, often by viewing them directly in the classroom along with students. 

Teachers who are brand new to the instrument can also use them as guides for important vocabulary and pedagogical tips for the classroom.

These instructional videos were made possible through a generous gift from

The Zuckerman Community Outreach Foundation.

Lead Guitar videos arlene islas

Thanks also to Arlene Islas at the University of Arizona for directing the project,

and to Evi, Zoe, and Amanda for being star students.

1 - Technique: Set-up & Sitting Position
2 - Technique: Right Hand Position and Rest Strokes
3 - Technique: Left Hand
4 - Method: Reading Music on the Guitar Part I

5 - Method: Component Practicing and Warm-up Routines

6 - Play Along: One, Two Buckle My Shoe
7 - Technique: String Crossing
8 - Play Along: Rain, Rain (Go Away)
9 - Play Along: Fly
10 - Play Along: Ant
11 - Technique: Walking Up the B-string, Chromatic Scale I
12 - Play Along: Ring Around the Rosy
13 - Play Along: Praying Mantis
14 - Method: Reading Music on the Guitar Part II
15 - Play Along: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star