STUDENT OF THE WEEK. Lead Guitar has opened an Instagram, and we would love to feature you on it! To participate, please upload a 30 second clip of your playing. Make sure to check out our guitar recording tips below. No need to stick to the Lead Guitar curriculum...we want to hear the music you love! 

Feeling shy about your playing? No worries! We’d also love to see guitar selfies (pets are welcome, too!) We'll be selecting the most compelling entries for our channel. 

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  • Gather your equipment. You will need headphones, a phone or a computer with a webcam, and a second device to play the rehearsal video. Oh, and don't forget your guitar!

  • Minimize background noise. Set up in a quiet room and ask others in your home to avoid making sounds while you record. (Turning off loud fans and AC can help quiet things down.)

  • Set up the camera. Make sure you are well lit with a simple background, and do a quick test recording to check if you can capture good quality audio and video. If you are using a phone, you can ask a friend to film you or you can prop the phone up on a chair with a pillow. Please film yourself in landscape. Make sure to prop up the phone without covering the built-in microphone. (This is usually found on the top or bottom of your device.) 

  • Check your tuning! If you don't have an electronic tuner at home, you can use this website. There are also several free tuner apps for your phone. (GuitarTuna and Pano Tuner work well in our experience!)

  • Press record. 

  • Play!

  • Listen to your recording. Make sure that you sound your best.

  • Name your video file ​​with your name and piece. This helps us sort your submissions. 

  • Submit your video files in the form above. Please don't navigate away from the page until you get a green success message after you click submit. You may have to wait a minute if your video file is very large or if you are submitting from mobile. You will also receive a confirmation email at the address you entered into the form.