Lead Guitar - Dr. Jose Luis Puerta and Pablo Gonzalez lead teachers in a break-out session during the 2018 Teachers' Workshop, a Professional Development session for public school teachers

Lead Guitar seeks a Regional Director for Phoenix

Position Description: Lead Guitar Regional Director - Phoenix


Lead Guitar provides rigorous music education to students in-need by establishing free, sustainable guitar programs in public schools with low arts access. Our Master Guitar Instructors use a proprietary curriculum to teach thousands of students and train dozens of teachers each year. Through Lead Guitar’s network of University partners, students build confidence through on-campus experiences and up close encounters with global artists and educators.


While we are believers in the power of learning and making music for music’s sake, we also know music and the mentorship and ancillary skills it brings with it can provide opportunities for students to change their personal narrative, develop growth mind-set, and find additional pathways out of poverty. Lead Guitar participants to not only experience the joy of music making, but also develop discipline, self-esteem, and teamwork skills: attributes that help them realize success throughout their lives.


The ideal candidate for a Lead Guitar Regional Director position is an artist and educator of the highest caliber who is seeking stable, long-term employment to complement a playing, composing, private teaching or other related career.

Minimum requirements include:

  • Master’s Degree in Classical Guitar or Music Education, or equivalent competencies

  • Professional performance experience

  • Two years of classroom teaching experience, preferably in K-12 public schools

  • Evidence of strong written and spoken communication skills

  • Competence with all standard office software

  • Leadership experience


Preferred attributes include:

  • DMA in Classical Guitar, Education or Pedagogy

  • Proficiency in Spanish


Terms of employment:

  1. Regional Director for Lead Guitar - Phoenix is a 25-30 hours per week position with reduced but continuing hours in June and July.

  2. The annual salary for the position ranges from $33,000.00 - $40,000.00 and hours per week can be tailored to fit the needs of a well-qualified candidate.

  3. The position does not currently include benefits. However, the Lead Guitar Board of Directors is currently assessing options and we hope to offer a range of benefits by Fall 2020.

                Instruction and school oversight duties:

  1. Serve as ‘Master Instructor’ for Lead Guitar classes in five public schools (circa 15 hrs per week)

  2. Train and observe all other Phoenix Lead Guitar Instructors to ensure the curriculum is followed, milestones are met, and that a high level of service and quality is maintained. This will include writing reviews of each instructor.

  3. Provide individual Professional Development for Teachers of Record in Phoenix as requested. This will include logging meeting times and writing reviews of each Teacher of Record.

  4. Meet with principals and classroom teachers at all Phoenix LG schools regularly to ensure that expectations are being met, to maintain good relationships and open communications, and to collect data regarding student enrollment and concert attendance.

  5. Observe both Instructors and Teachers of Record in a variety of instructional settings.

                Event, publicity, and growth related duties:

  1. Seek Phoenix-based publicity opportunities including newspaper and magazine articles and television and radio appearances by staff and students.

  2. Oversee Lead Guitar’s participation in school concerts along with each school’s assigned instructor.

  3. Schedule and accompany guest artists for Phoenix-area school assemblies.

  4. Follow up on email ‘blasts’ to Phoenix-area target schools.

  5. Meet with teachers, principals, and superintendents to establish new Lead Guitar programs in new schools/districts.

  6. Collect repertoire selections and solo auditions for Phoenix Showcase concerts.

  7. Co-lead Arizona Showcase concerts with LG Executive Director and Director of Operations and play a key role in organizing them.

Collaborate with Lead Guitar Executive Director on a variety of development and curriculum projects as assigned.


Candidates should send a cover letter and resume with “Phoenix Regional Director Position” in the subject line, or any questions to info@leadguitar.org. Thank you!


(520) 626-6904

info at leadguitar.org

Physical Address:

1531 N Magnolia Ave

Tucson, AZ 85712


Remittance/Mailing Address:

PO Box 40206

Tucson, AZ 85717-0206


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