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The Lead Guitar Method consists of six important curricular components,

all of which need to be used for the method to succeed.

Instructional videos:

The videos are critical to understanding the reasons why we teach technical and musical elements of beginning classical guitar in the order we do. They also introduce vocabulary and shortcuts that help manage guitar class and serve as excellent play-along videos for students at home.

Method Book I:

Now in its 5th edition, Method Book I is the lifeblood of Lead Guitar. The book takes students all the way from picking up a guitar for the first time to playing complex music in two voices and having a good theoretical and technical foundation on the guitar. Song of the Wild is woven into the book for supplementary repertoire.

Method Book II:

Now in its 2nd edition, Method Book II introduces more challenging guitar concepts, such as position-playing, barres, and transposable major and minor scales in three octaves. The book ends with light concert repertoire suitable for a college audition. The 3rd edition is under way now.

Teaching Resources:

Our age-appropriate Milestones are the best way to set goals and objectives for progress throughout the year in relation to Method Book I. For younger students, the Wristband "Karate Belt" system uses colored silicone wristbands as incentives for passing a test on each section of Method Book I.

Song of the Wild:

Song of the Wild is a collection of 32 progressive guitar solos that combine to create richly textured ensemble pieces, which pay homage to Aesop's legendary fables. Method Books I and II point students to Song of the Wild for additional repertoire. Click above to download them individually and to view all of our Supplemental Music.


Method Book I will soon be available on Teachable as an interactive tool for using our curriculum, complete with instructional videos, teaching resources, and other tools along with our expert instuctors.

Link available soon!

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